Patient discussion about fecundity q what is the connection between alcoholism & male fertility if a guy drank heavily for many years, then stayed sober for many years, would his ability to impregnate a woman disappear, or be at all diminished, as a result of his years as a hard-core alcoholic. ‘water availability is an obvious factor affecting the fecundity of cacti’ ‘infection by sporozoites reduces the fecundity of mosquitoes’ ‘nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates fuel the extraordinary biological fecundity of the seas there. Freebase (000 / 0 votes) rate this definition: fecundity fecundity, derived from the word fecund, generally refers to the ability to reproduce in demography, fecundity is the potential reproductive capacity of an individual or population.

fecundity Abstract there is a long-standing debate on the role of genetic factors influencing homosexuality because the presence of these factors contradicts the darwinian prediction according to which natural selection should progressively eliminate the factors that reduce individual fecundity and fitness.

Fecundity the number of offspring produced by an organism (in higher animals, generally of the female of the species) in a given time normally all organisms, assuming they reach reproductive age, are sufficiently fecund to replace themselves several times over. Fecundity definition, the quality of being fecund capacity, especially in female animals, of producing young in great numbers see more. 3 w100 k= l × world j fish & marine sci, 3 (2): 112-116, 2011 113 collection of fish samples: fresh live adult specimens of fecundity estimation the ovaries were preserved hepsetus odoe were bought from the fishermen and fish mongers at ado - ekiti reservoir.

Disclaimer all content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. In human demography and population biology, fecundity is the potential for reproduction of an organism or population, measured by the number of gametes (eggs), seed set, or asexual propagules fecundity is similar to fertility, the natural capability to produce offspring a lack of fertility is infertility while a lack of fecundity would be called sterility. Noun the quality or power of producing abundantly fruitfulness or fertility productive or creative power: fecundity of the mind. On a stool was the unfinished model of fecundity swathed in wet cloths therefore we ask for your opinions on the question of the power of adaptation in fecundity. Definition of fecundity in the audioenglishorg dictionary meaning of fecundity what does fecundity mean proper usage of the word fecundity information about fecundity in the audioenglishorg dictionary, synonyms and antonyms.

Fecundity card price from urzas saga (uz) for magic: the gathering (mtg) and magic online (mtgo. Fecundity definition: 1 the ability to produce a lot of crops, fruit, babies, young animals, etc: 2 the fact of producing or creating a lot of new things, ideas. The driving force behind all this fecundity is a terrible pressure i also must consider, the pressure of birth and growth, the pressure that squeezes out the egg and bursts the pupa, that hungers and lusts and drives the creature relentlessly toward its own death nature & environment bad that such a situation has come to pass as ig so well highlights, this woman has so many children by so.

Fecundity is the potential biologic capacity of an individual to conceive whether or not they intend to contribute to a pregnancy or get pregnant. Master’s seminar on fecundity genes in sheep polygenic vs major genes production traits are typically considered as the result of many genes acting primarily in an additive manner the identification and use of specific major genes for production traits in livestock enables an increased. Fecundity is the potential to give births whereas fertility is the actual realisation of this potential for example the fecundity for a 13 year old girl who retains her fertility till the age of 43 (30 years of fertility) she can give birth to about 35 full term babies but in real life this doesn't happen. The reader will here find no regions cursed with irremediable barrenness, or blessed with spontaneous fecundity, no perpetual gloom or unceasing sunshine nor are the nations here described either devoid of all sense of humanity, or consummate in all private and social virtues here are no hottentots without religion, polity, or articulate language, no chinese perfectly polite, and completely. Choose the right synonym for fecund fertile, fecund, fruitful, prolific mean producing or capable of producing offspring or fruit fertile implies the power to reproduce in kind or to assist in reproduction and growth fertile soil applied figuratively, it suggests readiness of invention and development a fertile imagination fecund emphasizes abundance or rapidity in bearing fruit or offspring.


1 the ability to produce children, crops, etc synonym fertility fecundity declines rapidly after the age of 40 2 the ability to produce new and useful things, especially ideas the fecundity of her imagination remained undiminished even at 80. Relative clauses tell us more about nouns they function rather like adjectives, and are found as postmodifiers in a noun phrase the noun that is modified is called the antecedent. Fecundity - traduction anglais-français forums pour discuter de fecundity, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions gratuit. ‘an accomplished harmonicist and vocalist, godboo's talent has flourished in the fecund blues milieu’ ‘portraits were shown in decorous green rooms, while the more acidic green of the walls displaying mythological and biblical heroines signaled the internal realm of chasseriau's fecund imagination.

  • It has been assumed that ovsynch protocol is an alternative to vaginal sponge treatments, since the ovsynch protocol as compared to vaginal sponge treatment has high results for kidding (58% vs 46%) and fecundity rates (1.
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Parasitic worms infect 2 billion people globally mostly, such infections are symptomless and individual worm burdens are low blackwell et al monitored the fecundity of tsimane women in bolivia these women have on average of 10 children in their lifetimes however, if they had successive hookworm infections, lifetime births dropped to 7. Broadcast and play with locals broadcasting is a way to meet up and play with people in your area location services must be turned on for this site on your browser (a prompt should appear. In biology, the term fecundity is a measure of fertilityit may also pertain to the ability to produce offspring or to cause growth in demography, it may be measured by counting the gametes, seed set, or asexual propagules 1 un asian development institute bangkok defined fecundity as the physiological capacity of a human being (man or woman) to participate in the production of a live birth. A variety of social, developmental, biological and genetic factors influence sexual orientation in males thus, several hypotheses have attempted to explain the sustenance of genetic factors that influence male homosexuality, despite decreased fecundity within the homosexuals kin selection, the existence of maternal effects and two forms of balancing selection, sexually antagonistic selection.

fecundity Abstract there is a long-standing debate on the role of genetic factors influencing homosexuality because the presence of these factors contradicts the darwinian prediction according to which natural selection should progressively eliminate the factors that reduce individual fecundity and fitness.
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